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Rome Puzzle Rome Puzzle
Mix and match the tiles to score points in this ancient Rome favourite!
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Burrito Bison Burrito Bison
You have been trapped in a world of gummies, forced to entertain them. Shoot out of the ring and slam those gummies for cash, upgrades ...
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Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D
Use your weapons and jetpack to fight in the corrupt world of 2099 A.D!
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The Gentleman The Gentleman
Bend the laws of physics and carry your umbrella through this EXQUISITE adventure!
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Mini Moto Mini Moto
Control your tiny motorcycle and speed past your competitors!
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Portal 2D Portal 2D
The well loved Valve game in flash! Create orange and blue portals to maneuver your way through the puzzle packed levels!
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Action / Adventure Games

Knights CastleKnights Castle
Defend your castle at all costs!
FWG KnightFWG Knight
Dragons and their evil servants have invaded your kingdom. Its up to you to destroy this menace before they conquer your lands.
Robot JimRobot Jim
Destroy the aliens attacking the space station.
Days of the DeathDays of the Death
Survive for 13 days against the living dead

Sports Games

World Cup FeverWorld Cup Fever
Click on the ball to keep it bouncing as long as possible.
Mini Putt 3Mini Putt 3
Great game where you have to power up and putt the ball into the hole.
Stunt Bike DrawStunt Bike Draw
Draw a ramp for your biker to ride across and avoid the obstacles.
Guide your team to World Cup victory!

Puzzle Games

Go back in time and help yourself to complete the level.
Tribal HeroTribal Hero
Push the boxes around to crush animals and eat them to gain points.
Roll the all the blocks to their correctly coloured outline
Flood SalvationFlood Salvation
Place the provided objects t save the rag doll from the flood!

Shooting Games

Thing Thing Arena 2Thing Thing Arena 2
Thing Thing Arena 2!
Endless War 3Endless War 3
Shoot down all the enemies on screen.
Neon 2Neon 2
Shoot down all the enemies by using your laser and various power ups.
Damn BirdsDamn Birds
Its time to take revenge on those damn birds, who have been pooping on you for so long.

Other Games

Bear AttackBear Attack
Help the bear defend his honey pots from the other bears
Protozoa PopProtozoa Pop
Touch as many cells as you can to turn them green and score points!
Pogo SwingPogo Swing
Help the gang of kids jump off the swing and go as far as possible
Everything Starts to FallEverything Starts to Fall
Follow the life of a boy as everything start to fall...

Racing Games

Diesel And Death 2Diesel And Death 2
Race against your opponents on motorbikes, while shooting weapons at them and jumping.
3D Car Driver3D Car Driver
Drive your car while avoiding the red pedestrians.
Foofa RaceFoofa Race
An awesome racing game with lots of weapons and obstacles to defeat your opponent.
Race your boat and win the cup to unlock new boats and characters

Retro Games

Bouncy BallBouncy Ball
Bounce your way through challenging levels, while collecting coins.
Fill the empty spaces and lock the ghosts by building walls around them.
Mountain ManiacMountain Maniac
Help the mountain man vent his rage by launching boulders at the city below!
Holiday SimHoliday Sim
Go on the ultimate pixellated holiday!

Strategy Games

High TeaHigh Tea
Buy and sell opium to make enough profit to supply tea to Britain
Orbital OnslaughtOrbital Onslaught
Lead your mercenary forces to victory over criminal fugitives!
The SummoningThe Summoning
Summon creatures and cast spells to destroy your enemies!
Planet JuicerPlanet Juicer
Defend your plant mining operation from the aliens!

RPG Games

Shadow Of The WarriorShadow Of The Warrior
Choose your class, buy weaponry, and battle to defeat your enemies.
Flash GauntletFlash Gauntlet
Help the wizard escape from the ghosts.
Ancient PowersAncient Powers
Go on a quest to control the ancient powers to bring your love back from the dead
Cardinal QuestCardinal Quest
Crawl through the dungeon and stop the evil Minotaur!

Fighting Games

Sumo SlamSumo Slam
Fight against three other sumo wrestlers and tr to knock them out of the ring.
Jingle BallisticsJingle Ballistics
Pick your character, Santa, Frosty or Elf, and fight to the DEATH!
A flash boxing game.
Mutant Fighting CupMutant Fighting Cup
Mutate your creature and fight through the stages to become the Mutant Fighting Champion!



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